Changing how and what I eat has been transformational to my health and well being.

I started this blog to share my story.  It will never carry any advertising or sponsorship.  It’s a free resource so do share, enjoy and keep up to date by following.

I became gluten-free after period of severe illness in 2013.  Read my full story here.

I believe real food is for everyone and can be enjoyed by the whole family.   You don’t need to be a fashionista (yes, even to use a spiralizer!),  follow the latest food trends or have lots of money and time (I wish),  just enjoy eating.

For years we’ve been told by large food companies that they can make our lives easier by letting them cook or help us in the cooking process.   But the truth is most processed food is full of additives and ingredients that put huge stress on our bodies and ultimately lead to a whole host of health issues.  And the reality is it costs us more financially and can even use up more of our time.

This blog is not about telling you what you eat or how you cook is wrong.   I’m a self taught home cook, Mum and food lover.

My goal is to show how easy, fun and most importantly delicious real food can be, saving you time, money and improving your health and how you feel.

Food is our fuel.  What we eat directly affects our health, brain, well being and ultimately our quality of life.

And what amazing fuel it is.  There is no need to deprive yourself of anything.   I eat a wide range of foods and love fat (good fat from well reared animals, coconut oil, avocados etc), non refined sugars (raw honey, Maple Syrup), bacon, cheese, chocolate the list is endless.

What I don’t eat is inflammatory foods (that stress our bodies out and cause disease), refined sugar and processed food.   I eat and cook real food that enriches and nourishes us and tastes amazing.

My journey to health started by understanding the role gluten sensitivity can play in creating neurological disease. For more info see my FAQ’s and to understand more about Gluten’s impact on the brain see here.

I have read about many wonderful people who have restored their health and life through what they eat.

I now understand how food affects us all and its power.  It’s not only a great source of nutrition and enjoyment but can help prevent many illnesses and diseases.

It can also transform how we feel and what we can achieve,  helping us live the best lives beyond our wildest dreams.   My dream, is that in some small way this blog will help you on your own journey in life to do this.

I love this blog and hope you’ll enjoy my recipes and posts too.

With love, Tabitha

Real Food. Healthy Fuel. For a Happy Life.







67 Responses to “About”

  1. Janet Rörschåch

    Look at you getting your blog started. Good on you! Keep the focus, keep writing, there are lovely people out there. Have a lot of fun!

  2. Nicki Mussell

    I really like the look of your recipes Tabitha, I’ll let you know how they go down with my meat loving husband! x

  3. Cheesy Biscuit

    Hi Tabitha, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster blog award – I’m intrigued by your GF recipes, and it would be nice to get to know a little more about you – hope you accept…. And have a great weekend!

  4. Sophie33

    I was Gf for 1 year but now, I can eat gluten again, but not daily. Thanks for,stopping by my blog so,that I could discover yours. A cool blog!!!! 😀

  5. Serena

    I love your about page! It’s really well written and thoughtful. My brother is in search for nice gluten-free recipes and your blog is so nice, i’ll definitely let him know about it. Thank you so much for visiting. Nice to meet you Tabitha.

  6. Violet

    Hi Tabitha! I discovered your blog via Kellie of Food to Glow. I love your blog!! I really like your detailed and informative “Gluten FAQs” and all your yummy gluten-free recipes and am looking forward to trying some soon! Happy to meet you here! 🙂

  7. Two Peas & A Wad

    Your blog looks great! I try to go gluten free every now and then, not because I have an allergy, but because I like to give my body a break! Looking forward to reading more from you- feel free to check out my blog any time, I live an all-organic lifestyle on a budget (lots of quinoa and veggies help me do that!)

  8. milliemilo

    What a great blog! I am both intolerant to gluten and predominately vegetarian, and am always looking for new recipes and foods. Will definitely be cooking up at least a couple of these 🙂

  9. sincerelykymberly

    I’m absolutely thrilled to be following along your journey! My husband is dealing with some health issues so our family has gone GF to help support him. I look forward to your yummy recipes and even some tips on how to save some money at the grocery store! Going GF can be a bit pricey- but then again, you can’t put a price on health 🙂

  10. jane tims

    Hi. Thanks for your blog … I have found some recipes to try. I like your personal approach to presenting recipes!!! Jane (aka Alexandra)

  11. cheergerm

    Hi there! I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award if you want to swing by to pick and pick it up. 🙂

  12. MyKoruLifestyle

    Thanks for stopping by MyKoruLifestyle. Your photos and recipes look fantastic. Now that I am pretty much gluten-free I can’t wait to try some!

  13. goforsix

    Hi Tabitha – I was very happy to have you comment on my blog. I look forward to following your excellent blog. Carol

  14. joycevandenbergporter

    I am not gluten intolerant but I do a Wheatless Wednesday which is usually gluten free and I try to avoid white flour. However, I have never made the neurological connection. My mother has MS, hmmm…She goes to a naturopathic doctor so I will follow up with her on the gluten issue.

  15. Polly Hayes

    Love your blog, Tabitha – I’ve been gluten-free for a year and a half now, and I’ve also cut out all refined sugar from my diet for medical reasons. Reading blogs like yours keep me motivated, and have spurred me on to create my own blog!

  16. Chaos Girl

    Thankyou for your comment which led me here – I’m so following you! I’ve posted your link elsewhere (I know a lot of people in the AS community) and Pressed it, because I think this is such important information. And I love the way you write it 🙂

  17. rebeccawoodman

    To all my followers. I’ve moved to a new web page. I still have the same web address Rebeccasbeautyblog.com. By simply refollowing me you can see my new posts. (You may have to unfollow me first)
    Click here to follow my new site!
    If you are using a cell phone, scroll to the bottom of page or go to “Contact me” page and scroll down to “follow me”

    Thankyou so much!

  18. Pepper Culpepper

    Hey Tabitha! I’ve been meaning to stop by your website and say hello for some time now. I’m so glad you have been following Primal Zen and liking many of my posts. Thank you for your readership!

  19. Chaos Girl

    Hello Tabitha, I nominated you for a very inspiring blogger award – I’m still loving your work here, spreading the word for health. If you will accept it, these are the rules…
    1) The nominee shall display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo on her/his blog, and link to the blog they got nominated from.
    2) The nominee shall nominate fifteen (15) bloggers she/he admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.
    If you’re too busy, I hope you will just take it as a compliment to your work!
    PS. I finally went gluten free again recently; here’s hoping for some benefits in a little while!

  20. Anarette.com

    Hi Tabitha, I found your blog via BloomLisa. I have been on a gluten free diet for almost 2 years and it has helped me too. The downside is that I am a cookie monster and have trouble finding gluten free cookies I like. The ones in the store are all too sweet for me and taste artificial. The cookie recipes I tried so far I did not like either. Do you have a recipe you like?


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