A Happy Little Experiment; Gluten-Free Chickpea and Celeriac Burgers


I will revisit this as a proper recipe in the future but for now I wanted to share with you my little experiment. I am off to a new Kundalini yoga class this evening so needed a quick, easy and early dinner. Sweet potato chips were already on the menu. The question was what to add?

My mind started to think about a burger, a non meat burger. Almost an alien concept to me until very recently and I have to say after trying my first in a local resturant that previously I’ve enjoyed veggie dishes in,  I knew a tastier alternative must exist.

I did a cursory Google of veggie burger and up popped the an array of chickpea, onion, flour and egg recipes.  I didn’t have any eggs in and don’t usually add flour to my meat burgers so I thought I’d improvise.  So I roasted 1 x can of chickpeas in olive oil, added some left over roasted celeriac I had in the fridge (approx. 4 large chunks) and added a generous glug of olive oil. I then blitzed it all together with an electric hand blender until it was well mixed but still had texture (i.e. not a smooth pure/paste).  I then seasoned with salt and pepper and added a couple of table spoons of corriandar.

Finally I made into two generous patties and fried for 5 mins on each side.I then topped the burgers with fired halloumi.  The end result was good. I will however experiment a little by adding egg and onion to the mix before I come back to this as a proper recipe and look at what could work well as side dish(es).  But I wanted to share the concept in the mean time.  And ask if anyone has any favourite tried and tested delicious veggie burger GF recipe?  Thanks.

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