Great British Bake Off Goes Gluten-Free


I have to admit I am not one of the GBBO millions of devotees, unlike my sister who immediately let me know last night that  the episode and quarter-final was focussed on free from baking… so I immediately switched it on.   When I watch GBBO I like it ,  that’s after I tune out most of what Paul Hollywood says and does. Luckily the lovely Mary Berry manages to balance out his arrogance .  I love Mary Berry, she would be my first choice If I was looking to adopt a Granny.  Sorry Mr Hollywood I’m sure you’re lovely but there is something about your sneering blue eyes and over masculine, emphasised (I deliberately write it in this order) body language that just creeps me out. I know there are lots of women to whom Mr Hollywood has the opposite effect so I’m sure I’m in the minority?

So I was intrigued to see who GBBO would go gluten-free and tried my best to concentrate on the cooking. But even GBBO has got TOUGH… no doubt competing with the X Factor in the tears department.. although I no longer watch X factor I haven’t been able to move all week without hearing about the oceans of tears zzzzzzz… I’m not much of a reality TV fan unless its full on honest crap like MIC or the odd episode of TOWIE but I digress…

Only one of the quarter finalists went for gluten-free bread, which was a shame but on the plus side she got the highest praise for it.  Mary Berry’s  Hazelnut Dacquoise, looked divine and definitely something I will be finding an excuse (any) too cook as soon as.  Apparently it is a favourite of hers and a pudding she cooks for GF friends, (she really would be the perfect adoptive Granny) here’s the recipee.

On the whole gluten-free baking didn’t come out badly and its great to get some devoted TV time to such a respected cookery audience.  The dairy free, vegetable cakes were a bit OTT but I guess every quarter finalist needs a good challenge.  I also enjoyed how twitter was on fire with tweets regarding Mr Hollywood’s love of Ruby, some of which were quite funny so all in all I have a bit new found fondness (can’t bring myself to type love due to Mr H) of GBBO and may even tune in next week!  If you missed the ep and would like to watch it here it is.


Thank you Katie and thank you for suggesting I write a blog.

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