Pick Me Up Beautiful Beet Juice


This beautiful Beet Juice with oranges is the perfect pick me up.  Full of anti oxidants its great for helping your body recover from those few extra drinks the night before or even reduce the effects of a hangover if you drink it before over indulging.  Beetroots are also known as natures Viagra (apparently!?), so whatever kind of pick me you up your after this is the juice to do it.

I am very excited as I’ve only recently got a juicer.  I have ummed arred about buying one for over a decade and was anxious about spending money on another kitchen gadget that could end up in a cupboard next to our pasta maker.  But there is no chance of that happening as it is now firmly rooted on my kitchen work top, ironically next to my coffee machine and has almost had equal usage, a small miracle in itself.

I shall stop blahing and simply say if you are thinking about it go for it!  I have been busy reading about lots of different juices and the biggest tips appears to be to always try and keep the ratio of veg to fruit 3/1 to ensure your not just filling up on sugar albeit natural.

So far this Beetroot juice is a firm favourite. I have mentioned my love for beets in previous posts (One Hell of a Beet Soup, Detox Salad, and Roasted Kale and Beet Salad).

Beets are full of healing properties; reducing blood pressure and the risks of heart attacks and strokes, lowering cholesterol, stabilising blood sugars, reducing fatigue and slowing down the progression of dementia and can also inhibit the growth of cancer.


  • 4 x small organic beetroots (the smaller the sweeter)
  • 2 x small oranges (ideally organic)

In my juicer this made x 2 glasses, size as shown in the picture.

Add to your juicer and enjoy!


11 Responses to “Pick Me Up Beautiful Beet Juice”

  1. Sylvia @superfoodista.com

    Yum, what a lovely and so colorful juice! I also love beets in juices and smoothie. I made a smoothie the other day (I have yet to invest to get a juicer!!) and I used similar ingredients like you and also added some ginger. Thanks for sharing!


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