Can Food Heal?



I like many people have spent most of my life with minimal understanding of how what we eat directly correlates to our health and well being.

I had no idea it is possible to alleviate and in some cases eradicate symptoms of progressive, and debilitating diseases by simply changing what we eat.

I have always loved food and cooking but until I stated this blog I had no idea of the true power within it.

I have been totally blown away by the stories and experiences of many fellow bloggers, some very well known and some just starting out, who have transformed their lives and reduced or eliminated symptoms of disease.

These inspiring individuals have had the strength to face their situation head on, ignore doubts and people questioning their actions and searched and found answers to their health issues in the food they digest.

So I thought I should write about some of these people here on my blog and then thought there are far to many interesting people and stories to fit into just one post!

So this is my first post of my new series HEAL, featuring some of these amazing trailblazers of health and food.

So to kick start my new series let me introduce Danielle Walker.

HEAL: Danielle Walker 


New York Times, best seller Danielle Walker at Against All Grain might be well known to many state side readers of this blog.   Her story is truly awe inspiring.

Danielle was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis (an utoimmune disease similar to Chron’s) in 2007 Danielle.  After  a 3 year period in which she was hospitalized on several occasions, had blood transfusions and a 6 month period of incapacitation she decided to take matters into her own hands.  You can find  Danielle’s full story here.

Danielle’s  Doctors  refused to speak about dietary changes and assured her that food could not cure the disease. She was told her only options was too keep taking a myriad of drugs and live with the terrible symptoms.

Through research and on line forums Danielle found that by totally changing her approach to eating she could alleviate her symptoms.  She learnt that she needed to remove grains, lactose and refined sugars.

Danielle then set about her mission to never miss the food she once loved and to create dishes that leave a person feeling satisfied rather than deprived.

A fantastic mission that has not only seen her in remission since 2011 but has brought to the world delicious grain-free, gluten-free and dairy-free dishes that are actually tastier than the ‘standard’ diet she once felt bereft to leave behind.

Danielle’s blog has gone on to help thousands of people (me included). People with auto immune diseases, diabetes, autism, chronic fatigue or  wanting to make the transition to a grain-free of Paleo diet.

Her fist cook book ‘Against All Grain’ has gone on to be a New York Times best seller and she is working on her second book that will be out in September along with her second child!

If you haven’t already I’d highly recommend checking out Against All Grain and thank you Danielle for sharing your healing journey with so many.

And if you like Coldplay or just want to listen to some spine tingly, sublime good music whilst your browse through Danielle’s delicious creations here check out Oceans from Coldplay’s recent Live lounge


18 Responses to “Can Food Heal?”

  1. DetoxMama

    Yes! & ditto! I’ve experienced it myself and have only learned more and more since joining the blogging community and learning of so many incredible stories like Danielle’s!

  2. Rebecca

    Great post! Food CAN heal, in the sense that what goes in our bodies effects every aspect of how they function and feel. Many conditions are caused by and can be cured by or managed by diet alone. I’ve heard of alleviated symptoms of Type II Diabetes and Hypothyroid by following diet plans. Look forward to your future posts.

  3. pippajhh

    Being celiac as well as very atopic and sensitive to many things in this world, I am convinced diet plays a much bigger role in disease management than is often realized. Being a medical student I know that each university curriculum has to way the pros and cons of including various subjects in their already jam packed timetables. No matter what, things will be left out and left up to the medical student to discover in their own self-guided learning. Unfortunately that means many students miss out on valuable learning in the world of dietetics, much to my disappointment because I love it!


    I too am convinced and anything that can help with disease management is surely a good thing. It is a shame so many students miss out on the chance to learn about dietetics and in general we are often ill advised by the potential a diet change can have and immediately offered drugs, as important as drugs are and can do lots of wonderful things in many circumstances but I believe not all. It sounds like you will make a great Doctor, all the best with your studies.

  5. Passenger

    Thank you for shareing. I have only been gluten free and mostly dairy free for about a year, but when my friends and family started noticing a differance and expressing a desire to try some of these choices it really re-inforces that food is a killer or a cure and its an active choice as to wich we want. We live in such an enlightened time as far as food is concered so why not take advantage of that.

  6. Hi to Wholeness

    Great post – I too was seriously misinformed about what constituted “healthy” food, good, healthy whole foods are definitely medicinal. Another book I highly recommend is Beauty from the inside out by Dr Libby…if you haven’t already read it

  7. Chaos Girl

    Hi Tabitha, I’ve put a link to your blog and this page in particular on the Resources page on my blog, assuming you won’t mind! Oh and thanks for the book pointer, that link is up too (Grain Brain) 🙂


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