Chocolate & Pistachio Ice Cream (GF, Dairy Free and Paleo)


I love ice cream… and I mean REALLY love it.   But not just any ice cream,  as any true ice cream lover will tell you not all ice cream is equal.  So making my own gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free ice cream was a daunting task and one I thought I would be working on for a long time before I enjoyed it let alone posted a recipe (here).

But as a life long ice cream addict I have now found my very own little creamy sweet hit in a bowl.

I’m a bit out of sync at the moment, after an unexpected week without an internet connection!! Long story.   I was planning to post a completely different recipe but this is so good I just had to share it with you immediately.

A seductive blend of coconut milk, pistachios and chocolate smooth and creamy like caramel with a salty richness this ice cream will leave you wanting more!

The added bonus is that you don’t need to have an ice cream maker to make it.  I don’t.  In fact I’ve never made ice cream before but now there is no looking back.

One big piece of advice I would give is to give it 24 hours in the freezer and leave it for 10 mins at room temperature before serving.

Lots of recipes say freeze for 2-3 hours and maybe this is true if you have an ice cream maker but not with this recipe.

This ice cream was so simple to make.  I can’t wait to make or eat it again. In fact as I type this I wonder if I might shortly have a little impromptu ice cream snack… hmmm…


  • 2 x cans organic full fat coconut milk 400ml, 13.5fl oz, each, 800ml, 27fl oz, in total
  • 4 x egg yolks
  • 1/2 cup, approx. 118ml, 100 % pure maple syrup
  •  1/4, approx. 59ml, cup or raw honey
  • 75g, approx. 2.64 oz,  of pistachio nuts shelled and whole
  • 75g, approx. 2.64 oz, of gluten-free chocolate minimum 70% cocoa broken into small chips, personally I like big chunks of chocolate
  • 2 x generous pinches of Maldon or other sea salt

To Cook 

  1. Lightly heat the coconut milk in a bowl resting in saucepan 1/4 full of water until the milk is gently heated through but not boiling and not to hot to touch
  2. Whisk the eggs yolks
  3. Add honey, maple syrup and salt to the milk
  4. Add milk to eggs mixture and whisk until light and frothy and add the nuts and chocolate chunks.
  5. Pour in to a freezer proof container, cover and leave to cool in fridge 30 mins
  6. Then move to a freezer in your ice cream maker or if like me you don’t have one, take out and stir every 30 mins for 2 hours (stir x 4 times in total) to ensure the mixture stays smooth
  7. Leave covered in a freezer for 24hrs.  Take out 5 mins before serving and leave to cool at room temperature.  Enjoy!

Notes: This ice cream will keep well covered and frozen for up to 1 month.  










21 Responses to “Chocolate & Pistachio Ice Cream (GF, Dairy Free and Paleo)”

  1. Lori

    Wowzers! Way to go on this Tabitha! Sounds great! And there is no refined sugar…yay!

  2. glutenfreefiend

    Amazeballs! I am picking me up some coconut milk in my next shop. Marvellous, thanks for the recipe 🙂
    Emma x


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