Lidl UK, A Mini Revolution

15_fda_position_on_gluten_freeOften people say to me, I’d like to eat gluten-free but the products are too expensive.

And many of us who don’t have the choice often pay a premium and have a limited choice of grocery stores who stock gluten-free products.

More and more of us are moving our shopping away from the big 4 supermarkets in the UK and shopping in cheaper discount stores, local markets and stores and shops.

However as a gluten-free shopper it’s not possible to find pasta, bread, and confectionary staples in many of the discount stores.  I have read that Lidl ran or runs (?) a gluten-free range in Ireland and think it would be great if they stocked gluten-free products across the UK making it more accessible and affordable for more people.

So I have started a petition to Lidl to ask them to start selling basic every day gluten-free products in all of their UK stores.

So please take a min here  to add your support and share with your friends and everyone in the gluten-free and Coeliac community.

Together we can make a difference!




4 Responses to “Lidl UK, A Mini Revolution”

  1. Jan Willetts

    Hi, Aldi sells gluten free bread as part of its regular range. Jan.

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      Thanks Jan, that’s great to know. In Ireland Lidl has a wide range of products. The reason I’m starting this campaign is to make gf food more accessible and affordable and so that if you have limited money and/or time its possible to get everything you need affordably in one place.

  2. samanthatimms1

    This is currently something Coeliac UK is putting in place as a law in stores. you will likely find out the information on that on their website and might find it reassuring.


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