3 Ways To Have An Epic 2015


Happy New Year!  I love new year a time of new beginnings, dreams and goals.  When you consider your 2015 and what you’d like to achieve here are 3 thoughts to help you can manifest your dreams and goals.

Be Kind to yourself

Sounds simple but how we talk to ourselves, our ‘inner critic’ is key to our happiness.  Accepting who we are and celebrating it, not seeking approval from friends, family and work peers or by owning the latest, dress, car, bigger house whatever it might be is a game changer in life.

Changing our inner critic, (the way we talk to ourselves) to be easy going, supportive and not doubt our abilities, and forgive and forget the times we cock it up is a big step forward in allowing ourselves to achieve our goals and dreams.

I’m a big believer in dreams and setting goals but if their rooted in fear , of what we think we lack in life or ourselves we can easily be setting ourselves up to feel like a failure and we’ll be more likely to give up or never have a sense of fulfilment when we get into that size X dress, new job, car etc.

Sometimes we set a goal or dream and expect it to happen quickly but most dreams take time.  Did you know Amazon wasn’t profitable for the first 7 years?

But it’s not always easy, sometimes however hard we try we get distracted or pulled back down into a place of negativity.  Keeping a journal, making a vision board, meditating, yoga, or getting out for a walk  can all help keep us focussed and positive.

If we can accept and love who we are and set goals and dreams that are truly our own, without limits, it is possible to achieve anything, we just need to believe in ourselves and not let any set backs stop us achieving our dreams.

Eat consciously

Yes, I know you can’t be unconscious and eat! But do you really know what you’re putting in to your body.  I believe food is medicine or feeding disease.  Before I was ill I believed anything you bought in a shop must be safe and good for us.

I now realise how naive I was and that the nutritional advice we have been given for the last 30 years to eat a whole grain, low fat, carbohydrate high diet is wrong. Born out of misguided unfounded research that morphed into a political agenda resulting in making us a lot sicker, fat and unhealthy.   Creating soaring levels of obesity, Diabetes, Depression, Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, Alzheimer’s and other neuro degenerative diseases, the list goes on and on.  Watch Diet Health And The Wisdom Of Crowds.

Our bodies are not designed to eat large quantities of grains,  processed dairy and meat from animals that have lived a life in captivity fed grains and been kept alive with antibiotics.

It might sound daunting at first but ditching processed foods and eating a diet high in organic vegetables, fruit,  grass fed, pasture reared meat and dairy,  natural fats and reducing or eliminating your refined sugar in take will change the size and shape of your body, send your energy levels through the roof and prolong your life.

Find out more about eating grain free WTF Grain Free Risotto  and grass fed Warming Beef Stew and 5 Reasons to Eat Gras Fed. 

Through careful shopping and planning it doesn’t need to be at a huge cost.  The EWG produced this very helpful list.  The dirty dozen are the fruit and veg that absorb the most pesticides etc and the clean fifteen are the veg it’s not as critical to buy organic.

Image Credit: LivingLikeYou.Com

Image Credit: LivingLikeYou.Com

Get outside

Our bodies are not built for indoor living and long periods of time sat behind desks and on sofas.  Whenever you can get outside, just by going for a quick walk around the park at lunch time you’ll start to notice the difference both physically and mentally.

Maybe ditch the gym membership this year, buy a bike, go to an outdoor Kettle Bell or Yoga class, play a sport, enjoy walks int he country side or at the beach.  You won’t regret it.

However you plan to spend 2015, I wish you every happiness and hope it’s a very happy and healthy year for you.  Dream big!





9 Responses to “3 Ways To Have An Epic 2015”

  1. Violet

    What a lovely post to start the new year. I love your tips, and will take them in mind as I start my 2015! Thanks so much Tabitha! Wishing you and your family a very happy, healthy & wonderful 2015!! XO, Violet


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