Super Fudge

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This fudge is super in taste and nutrients. It’s refined sugar free, gluten and dairy free and full of natural goodness (antioxidants, vitamins, healthy fats and more) but creamy sweet and soft.  

This fudge is inspired by my Mum.  This blog is inspired by my Mum.  All through my life (until her death 11 years ago from MND) she always encouraged my love of cooking and creating, even after starting smoking out the kitchen (on a number of occasions) and setting the microwave on fire!!

From my first Winnie The Pooh cookbook to finding my most treasured Nico (Nico Ladenis) at a jumble sale my mum was quietly in the background, indulging my cook book obsession and encouraging my culinary adventures.

I now look after her collection of recipes she kept in a lever arch file.  A lot of these are scraps of paper with scribbled ingredients and instructions, some have been given by friends, and lots are photocopied from books or carefully cut out from magazines.  It is a real miss mash of food types and sources, carefully kept together in a disorganised way that has its own order.  I work in a very similar way.

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I love and treasure this folder of food inspiration and often wonder of the stories behind some of the recipes and what I should do with this little bit of my mothers history?

Earlier this week I was clearing out some shelves and came across the folder and spent some time reading the different snippets of my Mum’s cooking life and again I was struck by what I could do with it and  thought I must find a recipe to blog or inspire a post.  So this is it.

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I don’t know from whom or how this original recipe for fudge came to my Mum but somebody kindly went out of there way to type it out and send it to her.   I love fudge, but wouldn’t eat it now due to the high refined sugar content, so I have created my own healthy version.

But oh my don’t read healthy for lacking in sweetness, texture and taste this fudge is amazing (if I do say so myself).

It is truly super in taste and ingredients:

Coconut Oil

Good fat. This is what our brains need.  Did you know our brains are around 60% fat and the fattest organ in the human body? Coconut oil is full of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) fatty acids that are metabolized differently to regular saturated fats and create a quick source of energy, reduce blood cholesterol,  help you burn fat and feel fuller for longer.

Almond  Butter

An ideal source of protein, essential for tissue regeneration and repair and steady source of energy.  It is also a great source of healthy unsaturated fatty acids and fibre creating energy and improving blood cholesterol levels.

100% Maple Syrup 

A natural sugar full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, riboflavin, calcium, potassium and zinc. It is still a sugar but with greater health benefits to refined sugar and has a lower glycemic index (GI) so

Cacoa Powder 

Is a guilt free raw chocolate powder rich in magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, and potassium. B vitamins and Vitamin E.  Healthy fat, Oelic acid, protein and fiber. Flavanois and theobromine found in cacao can help lower blood pressure and improve and support a healthy heart.   It’s also high in antioxidants, some of which are anti-inflammatory it can also produce happy brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) serotonin and dopamine that stimulate feelings of happiness and play a key role in the central nervous system as well as the functioning of the GI tract (healthy gut).

My Mum, Liz, died on my 29th birthday.  She was 52.  Recently I’ve been really excited to read about people with Motor Neurone Disease who have been able to make some very positive changes to the progression of their illness through life style changes and diet. It’s really amazing.  Hope is not a word often associated with MND (ALS) but I believe it can exist. To find out more see here.



This creamy indulgent fudge is very, very simple to make with only 3 main ingredients and is naturally, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. But is no friend of heat.

This delicious sweet treat of yumminess needs keeping in the cool/fridge. It will melt at room temp after 30mins and faster in sunlight or a hot room.

The great thing about this fudge is that because it uses the best quality, healthy ingredients a little goes a long way.  You won’t have that I have to eat it all sugar rush until you feel sick after eating a whole plate…

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It doesn’t matter the quantity/measure of ingredients depending on the amount of fudge you wish to make, just that it the main 3 ingredients are all equal.

  • 1 x cup of coconut oil
  • 1 x cup of almond butter
  • 1 x cup of 100% maple syrup
  • 1 x cup of cacoa powder ( this ingredient is optional- for a classic creamy fudge use a little vanilla)
  • 1 x generous pinch of good quality sea salt or himalayan sea salt (I use Maldon) please don’t use processed table salt as this will ruin your fudge



  1. Gently melt the coconut oil on a low heat on your stove top
  2. Take off the heat and add the almond butter, maple syrup, cacoa powder or vanilla and salt.
  3. Stir briskly to incorporate into a smooth sauce then pour into an oven deep (at least 5cm dish) or baking tray and freeze in a freezer for at least 30 mins
  4. Cut into bite size chunks cover and keep in the fridge


This Super Fudge is a great healthy sweet treat that will keep you smiling and live happily in your fridge covered for up to 7 days, although it’s unlikely to be left uneaten for that long. This fudge is not a fan of warmth and will melt if left longer than 30 mins at room temp and faster in sunlight.


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12 Responses to “Super Fudge”

  1. The Free From Fairy

    Wow! Another fabulous recipe Tabitha! I don’t think I can make this because I doubt I have the will power not to eat it!!! The kids would love it though so perhaps one day I will get them to make it and then hide it from me! Anyway, am pinning the recipe…it’s going to be a big one!

  2. pinkiebag

    What a great simple recipe I am going to have to try this, not sure it will last long. Thanks for sharing.


      Hi Sarah do you mean on Sliming World? Sorry I dint but I can tell you from my personal experience since I’ve changed my duet time grain free, refined sugar and only good saturated fat I’ve lost weight, feel amazing, never hungry and even look younger. And I don’t pay a weekly sub to anyone 😄

      I would personally saw sin free as coconut oil and almond butter are very good fat for you. I know SW would disagree but if what they said really worked people wouldn’t have to go back again and again.

  3. Sophie33

    A touching post about your beloved mother. A cool post too!

    Your home-made more healthy fudge bars looked amazing & that is why, I made the lovely tasty recipe!

    It was pure nearly all guilt-free indulgence! So, thank you very much! xxx


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