Party Fit Beet Juice


It can be easy at this time of year to think sod it I’m just going to enjoy myself and forget or hit the pause button when it comes to looking after yourself and eating well.  But I’m here to tell you, you can have it all.

A black or white attitude is possibly going to leave you feeling pretty crappie.  Crappie because you’ve over done it and not looked after yourself or crappie that you’re missing out on the festive fun, letting your hair down and enjoying yourself.

Juicing is a fantastic way of getting a hell of a lot of goodness into your body super quickly and you’ll feel the effects immediately too.

This juice is the perfect, delicious way to replenish your body and energy levels over the party season.  Packed with natural antioxidants that will help your body naturally detox,  it will also build your stamina, has natural anti-inflammatory properties and will boost your immune system and energy levels too.

In short this juice will help you keep party and Christmas fit.


In all the rush and excitement over Christmas, don’t forget to give yourself some extra time attention and super fuel, and this juice ticks all the boxes.

Clean and prep all your ingredients and juice:

  • 2 x beets (ideally organic)
  • 1 x apple (ideally organic)
  • 1 x celery stick
  • 1 x cm square chunk of turmeric or 1 x teaspoon of turmeric powder

Sending you lots of love and have best time this Christmas!



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5 Responses to “Party Fit Beet Juice”

  1. Elaine @ foodbod

    I find your first line so interesting…I know that’s what people think but for me, it holds no interest at all; how I eat and drink is what keeps me happy, month in and month out and if I changed that, I would just be uncomfortable and possibly unwell. So I leave it all to other people 😉
    And like you’ve shown, there’s ways and ways 🙂 🙂


      Yes I’m actually glad to have a excuse not to eat all the junk at this time of year but I still enjoy lots of delicious food and the odd drink or sometimes a few but I make sure I look after myself too.


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