Sweet Potato Noodles & The A**hole Test

This post is essentially about two very unrelated but important things that I wanted to share. Sweet potato noodles, a yummy amazingly simple invention I can’t stop eating and you can use just like noodles (but a healthier and quite frankly yummier version) see below for more info and the a**hole test.  Which I’m sure your thinking wtf has Tabitha lost her mind?

Let me explain this isn’t a personal procedure…. thank the lord.  Hmm so how to explain it?  OK here we go.  We all have people, friends, family members, maybe even work colleagues (but in my experience putting up with these people is often part of the job), that you might not be sure of.  OK that is a very English, and a me kind of way of putting it. What I really mean is they might be a**holes, you might not be sure and want to give them the benefit of the doubt but you also have a niggle in your mind that they cause more stress than good in your life.

I’m not talking out and out Trump here I mean subtle behaviours and exchanges.  You might think it is you, and on some level it might be as you are allowing it to happen, but here is where this (nearly) foolproof test comes into play. This is it vey simple terms is it.

  1. Consider what it is that makes you unhappy about < Bob, Sue, Frank, Lulu.whoever>.
  2. Communicate to < Bob, Sue, Frank, Lulu.whoever> that how they speak to you/behave in x manner/ whatever it is no longer working for you ( or never has).  The important thing is that you using your own words and explanation) you set a clear boundary.
  3. Wait. This step is really important it might take somebody a while to actually digest what you’ve told them. It might be a total surprise they’ve never been aware of and at first, be hurt, cross etc but then come back to you to discuss it/work it out.
  4. If someone doesn’t say ‘oh I’m really surprised to hear that’, ‘that’s not what I mean or how I want our relationship to be’, ‘I’m sorry’ etc but instead makes it about them, attacks you in some way for making a fuss, getting it wrong, basically goes off the deep end and can’t cope with you setting any kind of boundary you have your answer.  And in my opinion, life is too short to carry these kinds of people with you.

I really don’t want to encourage you to go around falling out with people.  That’s really not what this is about.  It’s about surrounding yourself with people who get you and support you. Some of the most important people in your life will no doubt be some of the people who annoy you the most and that’s life and relationships but sometimes some relationships are not equal of how they should be and hopefully this is a tool to find that out.  Eeek, don’t sue me, just something I’ve found helpful.

I’d also add a huge massive CAVEAT we are all different, sometimes people just are in our lives for a season, or 3, we change, they change.  Often people just won’t get or like us because they are them and we are us, oh dear I can almost hear the start of the different strokes theme tune in the background so I’ll stop.  But I hope you get what I mean.  God knows I have waisted too much time in my life trying to make certain people like me, only to realise in the fullness of time how different we are and in short, we would never be the type of people we’d choose to hang out with.

OK, so that ended up being a bit more serious than I thought…. so, sweet potato noodles. Phew.  A lot of you will instantly dislike the idea of these and think, ‘not for me, thank you’ but I’d simply reply hold your horses and give them a try.

I offered them at first to my kids and they didn’t want to try them and then slowly as I have been eating them a LOT they asked if they could try some and now they actively request them.  That’s how good they are.

I came across them when I did a Whole Day 30.  Yes, it really is as amazing as people say, I felt totally reset afterwards, almost nearly had ab lines (a first for me) and didn’t want to stop but then I don’t actually want to live the rest of my life without wine, cheese or chocolate, ever again. It  was a fantastic experience and worth a Google if you haven’t heard of it.

But I digress. These sweet potato noodles are super tasty on their own simply seasoned with a little bit of good quality sea or Himalayan salt hot or cold or simply use them as you would noodles, stir fry’s, side dish etc…Enjoy!




  • 2/3  sweet potatoes will feed 3/4 people
  • Your cooking oil/fat of choice
  • Good quality sea or Himalayan salt
  • Garlic, soy sauce, ginger veggies… anything you may wish to add


  1. Peel the sweet potatoes
  2. Grate your sweet potatoes, with a regular hand-held grater or food processor
  3. Stir fry in your oil/fat of choice, I find extra virgin olive oil the best
  4. Enjoy seasoned with a little good quality salt, or add ginger, garlic, thyme, red onion spring onion, veggies, meat, g-f soy sauce, the choice is yours.



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