Tender Gluten-Free Lamb and Aubergine Stew


This is delicious and yummy one pot stew.  And it is my first blog with meat in it, Mr Alpha my meat loving dining companion was excited and luckily not disappointed as on my part it wasa bit of a gamble.   I took some inspiration from some lamb tagine recipes and as I had a few aubergines that needed eating up mixed in some greek influences and somehow this convergence of flavours created a happy international food marriage that worked.

Creating an autumnal meal starts to remind you of some of the delicious aspects of winter cooking and the type of comfort meals that warms your soul as the nights get colder and darker. As it’s a one pot dish it’s simple and saves on the washing/clearing up.

We ate it on its own but it would work well with mashed sweet or regular potato, mashed parsnip, brown rice, or millet anything substantial to balance the tenderness of the aubergines and lamb and soak up the sweet juices of the sauce.  Next time I cook this I will also do something green as a side dish like green beans or broccoli.  But I’d love to know what you think of this recipe?

Also I am going to attempt some kind of cauliflower risotto tonight? Does anyone have any tips?  I’m thinking using the cauliflowers in a puree, is this a good move? Has anyone tried roasting cauliflower for a risotto?  Any ideas or recommendations would be great 🙂


Serves 4

Diced Lamb 700g – use the best lamb you can afford but this will work with all cuts

Aubergines x 2 peeled

Garlic cloves x 5  grated or crushed

Harissa 1 x tablespoon

coriander 2 x tablespoons

Mint 2 x tablespoons

Cumin powder 1 x tablespoon

Sea Salt and Pepper to season

Olive Oil 1 x tablespoon

Gluten-free Vegetable Stock 500ml

Passata 200ml

Oregano 1 x tablespoon

Sun dried tomatoes 8-10 from a jar depending on the size roughly chopped

Coriander 1 x additional tablespoon to stir after the stew has cooked



1. Marinade the lamb in the garlic, harissa, coriander, mint, cumin and a pinch of salt and pepper for 2 hours or longer if possible, over night but a minimum of 1 hour

2. Warm your oven at 180c or Gas mark 4 or 350f

3. Heat the olive oil in a large pot, one that has a lid (for the oven later )  a cast iron bottomed one is ideal.

4. Brown off the lamb until all sides are sealed this should take approx. 5-8 mins

5. Add your vegetable stock, pasatta and oregano

6. Mix in the peeled aubergine

7. Season with salt and pepper

8. Bring to the boil

9. Take off the stove, put the lid on and place in the ready warmed oven to cook for  1 hr 3o mins

10. Take the pot out of the oven and stir in the last tablespoon of coriander

11. Taste the stew and season again with salt and pepper, if necessary

12. Serve with your potato, parsnip, rice or millet and sprinkle crumbled feta cheese on to the stew on each individual plate


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