All About The Beets


Beets Beets Beets.  Beautiful inside and out.  So versatile, great to cook with and amazing for you.

I love Beets for their sweet subtle juicy flavour and soft robust texture.  They also have many amazing health benefits,  high in choline helping reduce inflammation, they also help reduce blood pressure, lower glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity.

Beets are a fantastic source of anti oxidants, potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, B6, C and folic acid and also beneficiary for stamina and are known as natures viagra (apparently? cough cough).

As they’re such a superstar ingredient I thought I’d dedicate a whole post to the beautiful Beet and a round up of the different ways I love to use them.


IMG_4120 (1)

Starting with my Pick Me UP Beautiful Beet Juice click here.  This juice is great if you need a quick boost of energy, and pre or post party or work out it will also fuel your body with lots of antioxidants.


A quick delicious and nourishing favourite salad of mine is Roasted Kale and Beetroot with Goats Cheese click here.  This salad is inexpensive to make and great to take with you for lunch in the office or a picnic.


Another great portable meal is my Detox Salad with Roasted Beetroot and Quinoa click here.  


Beetroots are also fabulous in soups, hot or cold and another great way to enjoy all of their health super nutrients  click here for One Hell of a Beet Soup


I love lamb at this time of year and my beet compote with honey roasted swede chips and lamb click here is a real treat.


Last but not least if you missed my post last week.  Roasted Beets with goats cheese, a pairing made in heaven was one of featured topping of my Cauli Pizza click here.



11 Responses to “All About The Beets”

  1. Susan P

    I’m a veggie lover. Love not just the thought of the flavor but the colors make it look like a party!

  2. dinnerbysusan

    One of my favorite vegetables! Thanks for all the great ideas!


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