Cauliflower is having a moment.  A big moment.  In food blogs and top restaurants Stateside, in Australia, New Zealand and here in the UK the foodie world is embracing the good old Cauli.

Gone are the days of the Cauliflowers status of a humble, reliable veg.  it’s now a major player and being transformed into lots of exciting replacements to rice, potatoes and even bread!

Naturally gluten and grain free Cauliflower is highly nutritional, full of fibre, folate, vitamin c, and low in fat and carbs.  It is also high in phytochemicals and carotenoids both of which help to nourish the body and can reduce the risk of cancer.

Did you know there are four colour varieties of Cauliflower? Yes, other than the beautiful white we all know and love you can also find purple, green and orange varieties.

To celebrate Cauliflowers big moment I thought I’d do a big round up of all things Cauliflower with some inspirational and delicious dishes by other foodies and Chefs and share my own favourite recipes.

With such a diverse, creative, I need to eat that now! array of recipes it’s easy to see why the Cauliflower is deserving of its time in the limelight.  Long may it last.  Enjoy!

Image Tess Ward

Image Tess Ward

Wow doesn’t this look good!  This Cauliflower Bread Grilled Cheese is the brain child of fellow Brit, the Chef Tess Ward.  You can get the recipe and find out more about this gluten-free plate of yum, here at well + 

Image Hemsley and Hemsley for Good House Keeping

Image Hemsley and Hemsley for Good House Keeping

The Hemsley and Hemsley sisters are huge Cauliflower lovers and use it in many of their fabulous grain and gluten free recipes.  Find their recipe for Cauliflower Tabbouleh, shown with lamb meatballs here.  


The wonderful Yotam Ottolenghi share’s his favourite cauliflower recipes including whole roasted Cauliflower here .  Whilst not all gluten-free they are easily adaptable and truly inspirational.


Sunday Night Gluten Free Cauliflower Cheese here, was one of my first posts and still remains one of my most popular on the site and favourite at home, although now I sub the regular GF flour for chickpea (for a grain free version).  This is on my list to update on the blog.


I love cauliflower rice and it is my immediate go-to replacement for regular rice.  I absolutely adore it and have converted most people who have tried it for the first time to swap it for regular rice with Curries like my Chicken Tikka Masala with Cauliflower Rice click here for the recipe.  I would add however that to really enjoy Cauli Rice you need to add butter, ghee or coconut oil and good quality sea or himalayan salt, without these subtle additions it can be a little bitter.


This beautiful Romansque Cauliflower (you see a green one) also confusingly called Romanesco Broccoli is the star of my WTF Grain Free Risotto – recipe here and can easily be made with regular white Cauliflower.

photo 3-1

This recipe shows how Cauliflower is a wonderful salad ingredient, roasted here with Butternut Squash, gridled Aubergine and Halloumi with baby tomatoes in an Apple Cider Vinegar and mint dressing.  Although I called this recipe Golden Autumn Salad Bowl -find it here, you can of course, enjoy it at anytime of the year.


Cauliflower is a great ingredient with spices and very popular in Moroccan food which is the inspiration for my Lunch To Go: Moroccan Quinoa – get the recipe here.  


Going back in time to one of my first blog post recipes this Elegant Cauliflower Risotto (from the days I still ate rice) – get the recipe here might look anything but elegant in this picture, in fact I received the first of only two negative comments so far, (not that I’m encouraging more) on my Facebook page where someone remarked it looked like something his cat has sicked up! Ha ha… but I can assure you my bad photography apart, the flavours are truly elegant.


And last but not least my simple and delicious grain and gluten free yummy Cauli Pizza -get the recipe here 



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