Rhubarb and Strawberry Juice & Cocktail

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And relax.  It’s summer.  These 2 delicious refreshing sweet drinks, full of summer goodness are the perfect thing to sip whilst you sit down relax and unwind. And if you’re lucky you may have all the ingredients growing in your garden, minus the prosecco, unless you’re reading this from far flung vineyard, in which case I’d love to visit!

This week here has been the total whirlwind (the polite word) that is the end of term.    There are no words.  I had some rhubarb sticks hanging around from our veg box (sadly not home grown – apparently rhubarb is one of the easiest things to grow) and the thought crossed my mind that maybe  I could juice them?

A few thoughts later and I had a plan, Rhubarb and Strawberry Juice.  Simple and easy with ingredients in season, that would hopefully balance each other (sweet and sour) but with an emphasis on the sweet.  And as it was the last day of term I thought hurrah we’ll make this a celebratory end of school tea.

Which lead to the final part of my lateral thinking..  that a different type of celebratory drink was a good idea..another year of school completed!!.. trust me if you don’t have kids it’s almost as hard work as being a pupil again… OK a slight exaggeration and really who needs an excuse for creating a lovely cocktail?  And my first for this blog at that.

So if you do make this lovely juice you can keep some of it back and perhaps don’t add the water fizz (but you could if you’re after a lighter drink) and add some different kind of fizz all together.

I’m not going to lie juicing rhubarb is a bit of a ball ache but the net result of this juice alone is worth it and my kids loved it too. You don’t need to own a juicer either see below for method b.

Whatever your up to this summer have an amazing time.  And if you have little ones then hopefully this will help you all enjoy it!  Chin chin.

Summer Holidays + Pink Juice + Taylor Swift


Mummy’s well earnt cocktail



  • 2 x punnets of Strawberries (approx. 4.5 cups)
  • 3 x stalks of Rhubarb
  • 400ml of fizzy mineral water (you can of course use still water)

TO MAKE (with juicer)

1. Juice your rhubarb, as I mentioned this is a bit of a pain as it is very woody. I found the easiest way was to cut the stalks into quarters (approx.) and rinse/empty my juicer out in between juicing each one

2. Juice your strawberries

3. Mix together and add your water (or not see below).


Add Prosecco and omit water (depending on how strong you like your cocktail).

TO MAKE (WIThout juicer)

1. Gently boil your rhubarb for approx. 30 mins and then squash through a sieve or cheese cloth to get the juice.

2. Wash your sieve or cheese cloth and gently simmer your strawberries for 10 mins before squashing them through the cloth or sieve to get the juice.

3. Let the juices cool before mixing together and adding your water (or not see above).


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5 Responses to “Rhubarb and Strawberry Juice & Cocktail”

  1. The Free From Fairy

    Oh Tabitha I love it!!!! I could do with one of these right now! We still have one more day of school left. The poor kids are hanging! Although having said that they have both deserted me today and gone to friends houses! I am therefore carrying on with birthday baking for Roo’s party on Saturday. When it gets to her birthday on Tuesday I will have run out of steam…still we will be on holiday so I plan a sneaky g and t!! Have a wonderful summer holidays with the little ones.

    • tabithasglutenfreedishes.com

      Thank you you too it sounds like you’ll of def deserved the G&T by then. Crikey I thought we were the last school (county) in the country to break up! Good luck with the party and happy birthday Roo.


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